Your either going to Love me or hate me. I live life with no worries, take all my mistakes as lessons learned, and use all my actions as stepping stones for the future. <3
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 465975 30th July 2013


Wow, i haven’t been on here in a while. lol but its for good reason. ive been busy! I an a PROUD member of the ZEALOUS Zeta Delta chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, IIIIIncorporated! and i could not be happier. I probated Nov. 20, and been a a Delta for about 2 months now…. and i LOVE it!I have 26 wonderful line sisters and I made the BEST choice! We just recently had our CENTENNIAL and words cannot express how much being at Howard and Singing around Fortitude meant to me!!!! The electricity in the air was indescribable! It truly leaves me a loss for words as to how to describe this ILLUSTRIOUS sisterhood I have joined! on that note, a huge OOOOOOOOOOOO-OOP to the Good Redz! and im back in action! *muah*

Average Dude Is Back: the natural hair girl's manifesto


  • my natural hair is beautiful. not just “cute” or “cool” or “interesting,” but beautiful.
  • everyone’s hair is different, and nobody can decide what is best for my hair but me.
  • no one curl pattern or density or thickness or texture is “good” or better than any other.

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